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a b c kinematic axes
Accelerating Creep
Accretionary prisms
Alfred Wegner
Allochthonous sheet
Alpine fault
Amygdules, deformed
Analysis, dynamic
Analysis, kinematic
Analysis, petrofabric
Analysis, strain
Andersonian faults
Angle between dip isogon and axial plane trace
Angles psixz,psiyz,psixy for 5 ellipsoid types
Angles, deformed and undeformed state
Angular rotation, finite
Angular rotation, incremental
Angular Unconformity


Anisotropy, anomalous thick layer
Anticline and syncline
Anticline, South Mountain
Anticlinorium and synclinorium
Antiform and synform
Antiformal anticlines and synclines
Antiformal stack
Antitaxial growth
Aravalli and Delhi fold belts
Arrowhead folds
Asymmetric pull-aparts, Hanmer
Asymmetrical fold
Asymmetrical repetition in strike faults
Augens as shear criterion
Autochthonous sheet
Axial plane angle
Axial plane thickness versus limb dip
Axial plane, surface
Axial propagation in folds
Axial stress
Axis of rotation