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Balanced cross sections
Barberton greenstone belt
Barr Conglomerate
Bedding cleavage relationship
Bedding, current
Bedding, graded
Beer can Experiment,Overthrusting
Bending folds
Bending, anticlastic
Benioff zone 
Beta and pi diagrams

Beta diagram
Biot-Ramberg theory
Blind Thrust
Block diagram
Body forces
Body Rotation
Boehm lamellae
Boudin lines
Boudin necks
Boudinage, chocolate tablet
Boudinage, foliation
Boudinage, in folds
Boudinage, internal extensional
Boudinage, irregular
Boudinage, Shear fracture
Boudinaged folds
Boudinaged folds and folded boudins
Boudins, barrel shaped                          Boudins, en echelon
Boudins, fishmouth
Boudins, rotated
Bow and Arrow Rule
Breddin Graph
Brittle behaviour
Brittle regime
Brittle-ductile regime
Buckle folds
Buckling in preference to kinking
Buckling instability
Buckling of laminated media
Buckling stability, layer olique to compression
Buckling strain
Bulk diffusion
Bulk Modulus
Bundelkhand Granitic Complex
Burger's Vector
Burns and Spry diagram
Busk Method
Bygdin Conglomerate