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Vening Meinesz suggested in 1947 that conjugate megafractures or lineaments on lithospheric scale with 60-120 intersections formed when plates moved during the early history of the earth across the earth's rotation direction. A new term regmatic was coined in 1975 by Horsefield for such lineaments. Vening Meinesz also pointed out that if the lineaments were active during Phanerozoic also then at the ends of both, hydrocarbon repositories must occur as very broad warps because of slight transpression was just suitable for the formation of anticlinal petroleum traps. In India, the example is of Godawari and Narmada lineaments which cross cut at these angles. At both ends of Narmda Son lineament, oil occurs (at Ankaleshwar and Cambay-Bombay High in the west and at Digboi and Nahorkatiya in the ENE) and so are gas occurrences at the ends of Godawari lineament (Sui gas field in Pakistan and Godawari estuary in the Bay of Bengal) are well