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F1,F2 etc.
Fabric trajectories
Fabric wrapping
Fabric, definition, diagram
Fabric, domain, element, symmetry
Fabric, domainal
Fabrics, non-penetrative
Fabrics, penetrative
Facing direction
Facing from gravity diff. sills
Failed arm, rrr junctions
Fault bend fold
Fault breccia
Fault bridge
Fault Classification
Fault Duplex structure
Fault gouge
Fault induced folds
Fault linkage
Fault mechanics, Hafner's analysis
Fault plane and fault trace
Fault products
Fault scarp
Fault Terms, common strike slip
Fault Zone
Fault, angle between conjugate sets
Fault, backthrust
Fault, bookshelf or domino model for
Fault, flower or palm tree structure along
Fault, footwall folds in
Fault, geometric modifications along
Fault, geomorphological features of active
Fault, growth
Fault, hade and dip of
Fault, half graben
Fault, pressure ridge along
Fault, pull apart basin on
Fault, rollover anticline
Fault, splay, isolated, connecting, diverging
Fault, stacking
Faulting, basement controlled                                                      Faulting, block
Faulting, effect of pore pressure on
Faulting, imbricate
Faulting, in orogens
Faulting, in slate belts
Faults, antithetic
Faults, block rotation in strike slip
Faults, compartmental
Faults, criteria for recognition
Faults, dextral and sinistral
Faults, dip and oblique slip
Faults, ductile deformation associated with
Faults, en echelon
Faults, listric
Faults, microscopic
Faults, mineralization along
Faults, normal and reverse
Faults, rejuvenation of
Faults, releasing and restraining bends
Faults, reversal of movement
Faults, secondary
Faults, stick-slip on                                                           Faults, stress history of
Faults, strike slip, experiments
Faults, strike, dip, oblique
Faults, strike-slip
Faults, synthetic
Faults, terminations of
Faults, transfer                                                                   Faults, vertical, inclined
Fibre growth in stretched belemnites, veins
Finite amplitude
Finite and incremental rotations
Finite element analysis
Finite neutral point
Finite neutral point, example
Finite neutral surface
Fishhook folds                                                                  Flame structures
Flattened parallel folds
Flattening strain ratio, Phi
Flattening strain ratio, T'
Flattening strain ratio, t'
Fleuty's classification fold hinge plunge axial plane dip
Fleuty's classification interlimb angle
Flexural flow folds
Flexural slip
Flexural slip folds
Flexural slip, oblique
Flinn Diagram
Flinn Hossack basic equations
Flinn parameter                                                                   Flow cells, perturbations, Cobbold
Flow Stress
Fluid inclusions-syntectonic crystals                                      Flute casts                                                                           Fold amplitude
Fold arc length
Fold axial plane
Fold axial trace
Fold axis

Fold classes and subclasses
Fold domain
Fold hinge
Fold hinge migration
Fold interference                                                                 Fold interference patterns
Fold interference, type 1
Fold interference, type 2
Fold interference, type 3
Fold limbs

Fold nappe, nappe, thrust nappe
Fold Profile
Fold vergence
Fold wavelength
Fold, amplification rate of
Fold, amplitude and wavelength
Fold, angular and cuspate
Fold, box, kinked
Fold, cylindrical
Fold, degree of asymmetry
Fold, distribution of strain in
Fold, dominant wavelength of
Fold, doubly plunging

Fold, drape, fishhook
Fold, harmonic analysis of
Fold, interlimb angle of
Fold, intrafolial
Fold, isoclinal
Fold, nucleation of
Fold, overturned
Fold, plane and nonplane noncylindrical
Fold, plunging, nonplunging, inclined
Fold, ptygmatic
Fold, reclined example
Fold, transected, example
Fold, upright, vertical, recumbent, reclined
Fold, volume changes associated with
Folded boudins
Folded pebbles, Barr-Giri, India
Folding of anisotropic media
Folding of lineations, flattened folds 
Folding of lineations, flexural slip
Folding of lineations, similar folding
Folding of lineations, tangential longitudinal strain
Folding of obliquely inclined surfaces, by similar folding
Folding of obliquely inclined surfaces, flattened folds
Folding of obliquely inclined surfaces, flexural slip
Folding of obliquely inclined surfaces, tangential longitudinal strain
Folding of obliquely oriented surfaces, flattened folds, Simple
Folds and folding
Folds with divergent isogons
Folds, anomalous span
Folds, Box
Folds, Chevron

Folds, conical
Folds, Conjugate
Folds, cuspate
Folds, gentle, open, close, tight etc.
Folds, inverse TLS in
Folds, late vertical
Folds, nonperiodic
Folds, orders of
Folds, parabolic, sine, semi-elliptic etc.
Folds, parasitic
Folds, Periodicity in Jura
Folds, polyclinal
Folds, recumbent, reclined, vertical
Folds, single layer 
Folds, symmetrical
Folds, type 1 instability
Folds, visual harmonic analysis of
Folds, zone of contact strain
Foliation and lineation, general
Foliation Fish
Foliation trajectories

Foliation, in shear zones, sigmoidal
Foliation, parallel to bedding
Foliation, steady state
Foreland hinterland areas
Foreland thrust belts
Form or enveloping surface
Form surface and mapping
Fracture, Naviour Coulomb criterion
Friction, coefficient of dynamic
Friction, coefficient of internal
Friction, coefficient of static
Fry Method
Fry Method, Strain analysis