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In pull-apart basins, the down dropping in negative flower structures can form major basins call "pull-apart" basins. On the other hand a positive flower may give rise to pop outs or compressed or transpressed rocks coming up above. These structures are similar to the ones formed by transpression or transtension but the mode of their origin is different.

Positive (upthrust) flower structures are compressional duplexes that form along constraining bends as a result of reverse faulting. But negative (down-dropped) flower structures are extensional duplexes that form along releasing bends as a result of normal faulting. Upthrusted, positive flower structures can form crustal bulges along a fault zone that can produce uplifted mountain ranges or major seismically potential zones.

  • faults steepen with depth.
  • faults are predominantly strike-slip, but with a consistent dip-slip component.
  • steep portion often not well imaged seismically.
  • consideration of 3-d deformational balancing