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Geometric arrangements of features in rock. Can be homogenous, and can be linear or planar if heterogeneous which indeed are the real ones of kinematic interest.

Planar fabrics (foliation) - occur when the fabric elements are contained within a common planePlanar fabrics include: bedding, layering, schistosity, cleavage, jointing

Linear fabrics (lineations) occur when the fabric elements are aligned along a common lineLinear fabrics include: flow lines, intersections of planes, fold axes, elongation of minerals or lithic clasts

Random fabrics -no preferred orientation of the fabric elements

Homogeneous fabric -fabric is the same throughout the rock

Deformed rocks typically have non-random fabrics

Continuous fabric - when the fabric occurs in the rock down to the component grains

Spaced fabrics - when there is an obvious spacing between the fabric elements

Lineations are an indication of elongation. The maximum finite elongation direction is typically parallel to the long axis of lineationsFoliations are an indication of shortening. The maximum finite shortening direction is typically normal to the plane of foliations.