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m and n superimposed on Flinn diagram
Magnetic anomalies midocean ridges
Mantle convection
Mantle plumes
Mantled gneiss domes
Mapping of mesoscopic structures
Martinsburg formation, Experimental studies
Mass balancing, dilatation
Material line, plane
Material, Bingham
Material, diff between linear viscous and Bingham
Material, elastic
Material, elasto Kelvin Viscous
Material, elasto-visco-plastic
Material, general Maxwell
Material, Hookean
Material, isotropic, anisotropic
Material, Kelvin and Maxwell
Material, Kelvin and Maxwell strain time curves
Material, Kelvin-Voigt
Material, Maxwell
Material, Newtonian
Material, plastic
Material, standard linear viscoelastic
Material, statistically homogeneous
Material, Viscoplastic
Material, viscous
Mathematical modeling
Maximum shearing stresses
Means, arithmetic, geometric, harmonic
Mechanical twinning                                               Mechanism by crack seal
Median plane, surface
Megacrysts, residual
Melanges and exotic blocks
Meridional plane
Metamorphic differentiation
Metamorphism and Deformation
Metamorphism, Load
Mica beards and oriented growth

Mica Fish
Microjoints                                     Microstructures
Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Migmatites, tonalite-trondjemite gneisses
Migration crystallization
Millipede structures
Mimetic growth
Mineral lineation
Modulus of Compression
Mohr circle for strain
Mohr Circle for strain basis
Mohr Circle for Stresses
Mohr circle, finite strain
Mohr circle, incremental strain
Mohr diagram
Mohr diagram for 5 ellipsoid types
Mohr diagram for three stretches, Murphy
Mohr diagram, cones
Mohr envelope
Moine Thrust
Mortar structure
Mountain belts as related to plate tectonics
Mudcracks as facing direction criterion
Mullions                                                 Multilayer buckling
Mushroom shaped outcrop pattern
Mushroom type 2, field example
Mylonite zones and thrusts
Mylonite, hyalo-
Mylonite, ortho-
Mylonite, ultra-
Mylonites and mylonite zones
Mylonites, associated with transform faults
Mylonites, folds in
Mylonites, lineations in
Mylonites, recrystallized
Mylonites, S C
Mylonites, size, strain
Mylonites, strain in