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P, M and G Tectonites
Palaeostress Analysis
Palaeostress analysis, from striae
Palinspastic construction
Paracrystalline rotation
Parallel folds
Passive folds
Passive marker
Peierls barrier
Pelitic schists
Pencil cleavage and pencil structure
Penecontemporaneous structures
Penetrative structures
Penetrative, pervasive foliation
Percolation threshold
Periodicity of structures
Permocarboniferous Coal fields
Permocarboniferous glaciation in Gondwanaland
Perturbations, banded, P, S,PS
Phi versus alpha plot
Photoelastic studies
Pi against beta diagram
pi diagrams for polyphase deformation
Pillowed tholeiites, deformed
Pinch and swell structures
Pinnate fractures                                                                 Pitch or Rake
Planar elements
Plane defect
Plane Noncylindrical folds
Plane Stress
Plastic deformation and pressure solution in Oolites
Plasticity, intracrystalline
Plate boundaries, plate motions
Plate tectonics, driving mechanism
Plate Tectonics, relation to mineralization
Plumose markings
Plunge, amount and direction
Plunging and nonplunging folds
Point defects
Poisson distribution
Poisson's ratio and number
Polar net

Polar wandering, polar wander paths
Pole figure, interpretation of
Pole of rotation
Pole to plane
Polyclinal folds
Polygonization of fabric

Pore fluid pressure and fracturing
Pore pressure, effect on normal stress
Porphyroblast growth, simple shear
Porphyroblast growth, simulatio

Porphyroblast growth, static
Porphyroblast rotation
Porphyroblast rotation, inclusion trails
Porphyroblast rotation, rolling structures
Porphyroblast rotation, stair-stepping
Porphyroblasts, chemical zoning
Power law
Power law Rheology
Poynting Principle
Preferred lattice orientation (LPO)
Preferred Orientation
Preferred shape orientation (SPO)
Pressure shadows, simulation
Pressure solution or solution transfer
Pressure solution research history
Primitive circle
Principal Compressive stresses
Principal planes of strain
Principal projection types
Principal Strains
Principal Stresses
Principal Stresses from conjugate fractures
Projection, equal angle
Projection, equal area
Projection, gnomonic
Projection, Orthographic
Projection, Spherical
Projection, Stereographic
Propagation parallel to hinges
Ptygmatic folds
Pull apart structures as kinematic indicators
Pure Shear
Pure Shear ellipse

Pure shear superimposed on simple shear
Pure shear, Progressive