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Ramsay Diagram
Ramsay's classification
Rate of rotation of inclusions
Recovery Controlled
Recrystallization, during deformation
Recrystallization , dynamic
Recrystallization, effect of preferred orientation
Recrystallization, metadynamic
Recrystallization, Migration
Recrystallization, primary and secondary
Recrystallization, Rotation
Recrystallization, static
Recumbent, reclined, neutral folds
Reduction spots, dilatational strain
Refolded folds, Dalradians
Regime, hydraulic glide control
Regime, intrinsic
Regime, recovery controlled
Reykjanes Ridge
RfPhi method, Dunnet
Rf Phi basic equations

Rhine graben
Ri, Rf, Rs
Riecke'sPrinciple                                                                   Rift valleys, grabens
Rigid inequant inclusions, press shadows, Ghosh
Rio Grande Ridge
Ripple marks
Ripple marks, oscillation for facing direction
Rock deformation, confining pressure
Rock deformation, pore fluid pressureRock deformation, strain rate
Rock deformation, temperature
Rocky Mountains
Rotated Inclusions, Ranakpur Shear Zone
Rotation by pure and simple shear
Rotation of deformable inclusions
Rotation of inclusions, finite, incremental
Rotation of rigid inclusions
Rotation of spherical bodies
Granite mylonite
Pure Shear Stress
Rotation tensor
Rotation, Si trails and Se
Rupture in shear
Rupture in tension