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S Surfaces of different generations
Salients and reentrants
Salt domes
Salt glacier, deformation studies
San Andreas Fault, recent activity along
Scale, macroscopic
Scale, mesoscopic 
Scale, microscopic
Scale, sub-microscopic
Scandinavian Caledonians
Schist, schistosity
Schuppen structure
Scolithus pipes, strain using deformed
Screw Dislocation
Sea Floor Spreading
Granites, pretectonic
Flow fabric, granites
Lines of no longitudinal extn, theory
Shape fabric
Shear bands
Shear fibre veins
Shear folds
Shear folds in carddeck experiments
Shear fracture criteria
Shear fractures
Shear fractures, relation to principal stress direction
Shear Modulus
Shear sense criteria
Shear strain
Shear strain, angular
Shear Strain, gamma prime                             Shear strength
Shear Stress
Shear Stress, maximum
Shear stress, sign convention
Shear zone terminations
Shear Zones
Shear zones in magmatic rocks
Shear zones, +ve dilational and brittle-ductile
Shear zones, +ve dilational and ductile
Shear zones, back rotation in
Shear zones, brittle-ductile
Shear Zones, C and S Surfaces
Shear Zones, C,C' and S planes
Shear zones, displacement of markers through
Shear Zones, distorted optic axial figures
Shear zones, ductile
Shear zones, extension veins Vol gain
Shear zones, extension veins Vol loss
Shear zones, factorization in
Shear zones, formation of folds in
Shear Zones, general concepts
Shear Zones, kine. Grain fracturing             Shear zones, lozenge structure in
Shear Zones, Plane strain
Shear zones, strain profiles through
Shear zones, two markers and volume change
Lineations, pressure shadows as 1
Lineations, pressure shadows as 2
Shear zones, -ve dilational and brittle-ductile
Shear zones, -ve dilational and ductile,brittle-ductile
Shear, Reidel                                           Sheared lherzolites, significance
Shearing resistance
Sheath folds
Sherwin and Chapple
Shortening, axial in dome and basin areas
Sigma trails
Sigmoidal extension veins
Sign for Shear Strain
Signs of Shear Stresses
Similar folds
Similar folds, amplitude
Similar folds, asymmetry
Similar folds, strain configuration
Simple Shear
Simple Shear ellipses
Simple shear superimposed on pure shear Simple Shear, foliation parallel
Simple Shear, progressive
Simultaneous buckling and flattening model
Simultaneous Buckling and shortening model
Simultaneous pure and simple shear
Single layer duplexing, example
Sinusoidal folds, type 1 instability
Si-Se relations Overview
Si-Se relations, terminology
Si-Se relationships in porphyroblasts
Slate and slate belts
Slaty cleavage and finite strain
Slaty cleavage and March model           Slickensided fibre growth
Slip systems, independent
Slump structures
Small and great circles
Small Circle
Snowball structure
Sole Markings
Spherical plot by Fry
Spherical Projections
Spreading axis and pole
Spreading centres, main                                      Sr, ratio of pure-simple shear rates
St Venant Substance, material
Static fatigue test
Statistical moments
Stereographic or Wulff net
Stereographic Projections
Stereographic projections, constructing on computer
Strain and continuum mechanics
Strain compatibility
Strain determination: Originally spherical objects
Strain ellipse
Strain ellipse, finite                                          Strain ellipse, infinitesimal
Strain ellipse, reciprocal
Strain ellipsoid, prolate, plane strain, oblate
Simple Shear\zones basic equations

Strain hardening
Strain invariants                                          Strain matrix, 2D
Strain matrix, 3D
Strain partitioning                                       Strain rate, dimensions of
Strain rate, in orogenic belts
Strain ratio, dilation
Strain softening
Strain trajectories
Strain, along a line
Strain, compactional
Strain, Compactional and tectonic
Strain, components of finite strain tensor
Strain, determination of
Strain, dilational
Strain, dimensions of
Strain, distribution of
Strain, ellipsoid mean
Strain, finite
Strain, general
Strain, graphical representation of
Strain, heterogeneous
Strain, history coaxial
Strain, history non-coaxial
Strain, homogeneous
Strain, in folds
Strain, in slates
Strain, incremental or infinitesimal
Strain, longitudinal
Strain, magnitude of
Strain, measures of
Strain, natural or logarithmic
Strain, oblate
Strain, on an oblique plane
Strain, plane
Strain, pressure fringes
Strain, principal axes                                   Strain, principal planes of
Strain, prolate
Strain, relation to principal stresses
Strain, rotation of during deformation
Strain, rotational
Strain, sets of parallel lines
Strain-slip cleavage
Strength, brittle
Strength, ultimate 
Stress corrosion
Stress drop
Stress function
Stress matrices, coordinates frame
Stress quadric of Cauchy
Stress ratio, Bishop
Stress ratio, Carey
Stress ratio, Lisle
Stress ratio, Nadai
Stress Relaxation
Stress tensor
Stress trajectories
Stress vector
Stress, across a plane
Stress, analysis of
Stress, at a point
Stress, biaxial
Stress, components of
Stress, difference from force
Stress, dimensions of
Stress, due to overburden
Stress, effective
Stress, ellipsoid
Stress, heterogeneous
Stress, homogeneous
Stress, in folds
Stress, in rocks
Stress, initial
Stress, maximum shear
Stress, mean
Stress, octahedral
Stress, principal axes of
Stress, response of rocks to
Stress, triaxial
Stress, uniaxial
Stress, units of
Stress, vector representation of
Stress-strain diagram
Stress-Strain relations, biharmonic equation
Stress-Strain relations, continuity equation
Stretched crystal growth

Strike, trend
Structural analysis
Structural association
Structural elements
Structural geology computer programs
Structural level
Structure contours
Sub area or domains
Structure contours
Sub-grains rotation, simple shear
Subgrains, Pott's model
Superimposed folding
Superimposed folding experiments, Ghosh
Superimposed folding, projection principle
Superimposed folding, spectrum overview
Superimposition of two finite strains
Surface forces
Sutures in orogen

Symmetrical repetition in folds
Symmetry, axial, orthorhombic, mono-,triclinic
Symmetry, structural
Synformal synclines and anticlines
Syntaxial growth
Syntectonic crystal growth
Syntectonic garnets
Syntectonic growth in metamorphic rocks
Syntectonic growth in pressure shadows