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S-tectonites - rocks with dominantly planar fabrics elements. A schidt may not contain a distinct lineation of quartz grains or 

 other minerals such as hornblende. Essentially very dominantly oblate. However, such fabrics may develop by two superimposed deformations with maximum stretch changing orientetion through 90 degrees within the same fabric plane with previous lineation destroyed due to later stronger metamorphism and deformation.

L-S tectonites - rocks with both types of fabric elements. A schistose rock with equally well formed lineation. The deformatuin may range from general oblate to general prolate through plane strain.

L-tectonites - rocks with dominantly linear fabric elements such as conglomerates tectonically deformed bu lacking planar fabric. Such deformation is proltae. Granites may become lineated without development of discrete planar fabric.

Lineations (L-tectonites) are indications of constrictional strain

Foliations (S-tectonites) are an indication of flattening strain

LS tectonites (including plane strain) have both elongation and flattening strains