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Geometry, of folded layers
Geometry, of folded surfaces
Geometry, of structures
Ghosh's experiments
Gleitbretter structure
Glide controlled creep
Graded bedding, Use in facing
Grain boundary diffusion
Grain Boundary Migration
Grain boundary sliding

Gravity, thrust and strike slip fault
Great Circle
Great Glen fault, Scotland
Griffith cracks
Groove casts
Growth of grains, diffusion
Growth, posttectonic                                                          Grain growth
Grain neighbour switch
Grain rearrangement
Grain Shape
Grain shape foliation
Granites, pretectonic
Granites, I, S and A types
Granites, pre-, syn- and post-tectonic
Granulite belts, deformation styles in
Gravitational spreading
Gravity collapse
Gravity differentiation
Gravity fault, relation with deep-seated shear zone
Gravity faults
Gravity induced kink-bands                                              Growth, pretectonic
Growth, syntectonic