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Imbricate fan
Inclusions, Eshelby type
Incompetent (less competent)
Incremental neutral surface
Incremental Strain superimposed on finite strain
Incremental strains computation from syntectonic crystal growth
Incremental Strains, computed from vein fibres
Indian Plate motion
Inflexion point, -line, median surface
Initial perturbations or deflections
Instantaneous stretch axes
Interlayer Slip experiments, Ghosh
Interlimb angle
Intertectonic growth
Intra- and intercrystalline processes
Intracrystalline movements
Intracrystalline plasticity and diffusion
Intracrystalline slip
Intrafolial folds
Invariants of Stress
Inverted Saddle
Isotropic Stress