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Decollement detachment folding
Decollement, detachment interference
Decussate structure
Deformation bands
Deformation constrained growth
Deformation history
Deformation lamellae
Deformation Mechanism maps
Deformation path
Deformation path, combined
Deformation path, hyperbolic
Deformation path, rectilinear
Deformation regimes
Deformation tensor
Deformation twinning
Deformation, continuous and discontinuous
Deformation, finite an infinitesimal
Deformation, homo- heterogeneous
Deformation, irrotational
Deformation, paracrystalline
Deformation, plastic
Deformation, postcrystalline
Deformation, precrystalline
Deformation, progressive
Deformation, rotational
Deformation, volume change during
Deformation, volume conserving
Deformed ammonites
Deformed amygdules
Deformed belemnites                                     Deformed brachiopods
Deformed chaladeozoites
Deformed Conglomerates
Deformed corals
Deformed crinoids
Deformed cross bedding
Deformed fossils and Undeformed
Deformed graptolites
Deformed layers
Deformed oolites, Cloos
Deformed pisolites, Alps
Deformed reduction spots
Deformed rutile crystals

Deformed scolithus pipes
Deformed tourmaline crystals
Deformed trilobites
Deformed xenoliths                                             Delta structure of trails
Detachment fault
Deviatoric Stress
Dewatering and slaty cleavage
Dewatering structures
Diachronous events
Diapiric structures
Diapirism extensional
Diapirism, assorted from Guglielmo
Diapirism, centrifuged experiments
Diapirism, Chindamora batholith
Diapirism, Crystal-mush
Diapirism, daughter mushrooms
Diapirism, in Andean Chain                          Diapirism, in Iberian peninsula
Diapirism, shear regime
Diapirism, shortening
Diapirism, spreading plutons
Diapirism, strain patterns
Diapirism, top view experimental
Diapirs, shortening and extensional
Dieterich's modeling
Differential stress
Differential stress ratio
Differentiated layering
Dihedral angle of shearing
Dilation and shear spectrum
Dilation or Dilatation
Dilation, shear Calculations
Dilational Stress
Dip direction
Dip isogons
Dip, apparent

Dip, true
Direction cosines for vectors
Discrete crenulation cleavage
Disharmonic folds

Dislocation Climb
Dislocation Creep
Dislocation glide
Dislocation loop
Dislocation, annihilation of
Dislocation, Burger's vector
Dislocation, climb, cross slip, density
Dislocation, edge, point, screw, plane
Dislocation, jog, network, partial
Dislocation, of propagation

Displacement, field, gradient, vector
Displacement, in orogens
Distortion patterns, equant inequant objects
Domainal crenulation cleavage
Dome, basin, periclines
Domes and basins
Domes and basins irregular, experimental, Ghosh
Domes and Basins, en echelon
Dominant wavelength 
Dominant wavenumber
Downdip lineation
Drag along fabric
Drag or parasitic folds
Drag patterns around porphyroblasts
Du Toit, A L, Our Wandering Continents
Ductile Regime
Duplex, example
Dynamic recovery
Dynamic recrystallization