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Earth structure, onion shell
Earthquakes, fault plane solution
East African Rift system
Edge dislocation
Effective viscosity
Elastic limit
Elasticity, isotropic, anisotropic, Hookean
Elongation, quadratic
Enveloping plane, surface
Episodic rift and transcurrent movements
Equal area or Schmidt net
Equal area projection
Equatorial plane
Equiangular projection
Eshelby Inclusions
Eulerian approach, Strain analysis
Eulerian Specification
Euler's theorem 

Extension fractures
Extension, axial
Extension, quadratic
Extension, reciprocal quadratic
Extensional kinks and cracks, gneisses
Extensional rate, continental
Extensional rate, oceanic
Extensional structures
Extensional tectonics models
Extrados and Intrados
Eyed folds