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Langrangian approach, Strain analysis
Langrangian Specification
Lapilli, deformed
Layer parallel strain
Line defect
Linear elements
Linear transformation
Lineation loci if folding by HSS (Similar)
Lineation, rotated during later deformation
Lineations as kinematic indicators
Lineations, as related to strain
Lineations, crenulation
Lineations, deformed oolites pisolites as
Lineations, deformed pebbles as
Lineations, downdip
Lineations, hinges of microbuckles as
Lineations, in multiple deformed areas
Lineations, in mylonites
Lineations, intersections
Lineations, microlithons
Lineations, mullions and rods
Lineations, parallel to bedding
Lineations, parallel to thrusting direction
Lineations, parallel to Y

Lineations, pressure shadows as
Lineations, slickensided striae
Lineations, stretching
Lineations, two intersecting
Lines of nfls, projections for ellipsoids
Lines of no finite longitudinal strain
Lines of no infinitesimal longitudinal strain                                                         Logarithmic Flinn diagram
Low angle boundaries, annealing
LPO, Simulation