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Talbot Method, Min Strain ellipsoid
Tangential longitudinal strain
Tectonic over diagenetic with volume change
Tectonic Setting
Tectonic strain superimposed on compactional strain
Tectonic style
Tectonic transport
Tectonic, forces
Tectonic, melanges
Tectonic, strain
Tectonics, thin-skinned
Tectonites, S, LS and L type
Tensile stress, tensile strength
Tensor, second order
Terzaghi's constant
Textures, deformed rocks
Three-dimensional stress
Thrust and transcurrent interaction
Thrust faults
Thrust related folding
Thrust, klippe
Thrust, ramp and flat geometry
Thrust, relation with deep-seated shear zone
Thrust, Roof
Thrust, sole or floor
Thrust, window
Thrusts, backfolding
Thrusts, oblique ramps
Tiger's eye, folds in
Tilt and Twist boundaries                                                Tonalite xenolith in adamellite, C India
Transected folds, cleavage
Transform faults
Translation glide
Transpression and transtension
Transverse and longitudinal folds
Triaxial Test
Tristan de Cunha
Trough, trough point, line, plane
Twin deformation in calcite
Twin dislocation
Twin growth
Twin Lamellae
Twin reflection, rotation
Two-dimensional stress
Type 3 hook