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Calculating orientations in undeformed state
Caledonides                                                Card deck Shear
Cataclastic flow                                       Coaxial refolding
Cobbold's experiments
Coble Creep
Composite growth
Computer simulation
Computer simulation of diapirism
Concentric folding
Concept of homogeneity for strain analysis
Concretions, deformed
Conical folds
Conjugate brittle ductile shear zones
Conjugate fractures
Constrictional deformation
Continental Drift
Contoured diagram
Contouring pi diagrams
Convolute lamination
Core of a fold
Crack-Seal Mechanism
Cratons, cratonization
Creep, dissolution
Creep, Nabarro Herring
Creep, power law
Creep, primary, secondary etc.
Creep, Steady state
Creep, transient

Chevron folds, bulbous hinge zone
Chevron folds, hinge collapse
Chevron folds, saddle reefs
Chevron folds, theory
Chevron folds, thickness viscosity relations  Chevron Kink-bands basic equations
Circular sections within ellipse
Cleavage and dilatation
Cleavage and strain ellipsoid
Cleavage not parallel to XY plane of fse
Cleavage refraction
Cleavage refraction in graded beds
Cleavage transposition
Cleavage, axial planar
Cleavage, bimodal                                                          Cleavage, conjugate crenulation
Cleavage, continuous
Cleavage, crenulation
Cleavage, disjunctive
Cleavage, fanning of
Cleavage, fracture
Cleavage, schistosity
Cleavage, slaty
Cleavage, slaty origin
Cleavage, stylolitic
Cloos, E                                            Crenulation cleavage, discrete
Crenulation Cleavage, domainal
Crenulations, extensional
Crest, point, line, plane
Critical taper, accretionary wedges
Cross-cutting lineaments, relations of
Cross folds
Crystal defects
Crystal Plasticity
Crystallographic fabric
Crystallographic preferred orientation
Cyclographic Trace                             Cylindrical folds